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Ride-Vertise is the ultimate solution for hyperlocal advertising. Our platform allows brands to run geo-targeted and competitive conquesting campaigns in Uber and Lyft vehicles.



Billboard Advertising

Billboards Are Expensive
The average cost of one billboard in Knoxville, TN is $1,698. That's over 570% more expensive than Ride-Vertise. Price is directly correlated with the quality of your audience. Want a cheap billboard? Have fun setting it up in a poorly lit, poorly-trafficked area.

Billboard Views Aren't Measurable

You can make a guess at how many people saw your billboard, but that’s all it would be: a guess.

Billboards Can Have Visibility Issues

If it’s a dark and stormy day, there’s a good chance no one is going to see your billboard. Something as simple as a passing 18 wheeler might block a driver’s view of your information. 

Billboard Exposure Time is Incredibly Brief

Many billboards are placed along roadways. Drivers are paying more attention to the road than they are advertisements along the road. Many billboards receive just a second or two of exposure at best.

Now imagine if you had an interactive billboard, at a fraction of the price that travels with the passenger at all times, can contextualize messaging by the time of day, weather conditions, or location? Not only is Ride-Vertise all of those things but it can also track the metrics of how many times your message was viewed, where your message was viewed, and how many people clicked to your website.

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