The Ride-Vertise Platform Explained
  • Ride-Vertise Product Team

The Ride-Vertise Platform Explained

Updated: Jan 19

WHERE IS RIDE-VERTISE? Currently, Ride-Vertise has a market presence in Denver, Miami, Charleston, Knoxville, and New Orleans. Expansion plans include 20 markets in 2020. HOW MUCH DOES RIDE-VERTISE COST? Ride-Vertise offers flat pricing of $250/mo for the first 3,000 impressions. Businesses can then purchase additional ad spots of 3,000 impressions for $150/mo each. As an example of how this works, we have national brands that purchase ad slots in multiple markets. WHAT TYPE OF BUSINESSES DO YOU SERVE? Well, that's an interesting question. When Ride-Vertise first started we had local brick and mortars in mind. What's happened is now we're working with local governments, e-commerce companies, conference speakers, college campuses, and many more. TELL ME ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY! Ride-Vertise can serve ads in small geotargets, nearby competitor locations, or even at a city level. Facial detection enables Ride-Vertise customers to serve ads by gender, age, if the individual is bald, is wearing glasses or even makeup. As you can imagine these attributes can be leverages in lots of creative ways. HOW DO YOU MEASURE ADVERTISING IMPACT? When it comes to engagement, we have a variety of means to quantify desirable actions. One of the easiest way is if your client wants to drive reservations then we can implement a SMS short code that connects the rider to someone at your business. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW? Our team is quick to point out that Ride-Vertise doesn't sell advertising. Sure, the tech is cool. The method of delivery is new. However, what we provide are local brand ambassadors passionate about connecting riders with businesses and/or brands. We do this by hiring personable folks who truly enjoy engaging with locals and visitors alike. It doesn't hurt that we incentive our drivers to highlight the brands on the tablet in their vehicle. We believe Ride-Vertise offers a level of customized advertising that no other channel can provide. Below is a link to the team's calendar. We hope we have an opportunity to discuss how this might fit with your clients.


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