Knoxville, TN Market Launch
  • Ride-Vertise Product Team

Knoxville, TN Market Launch

Ride-Vertise, a Knoxville rideshare advertising startup, is excited to announce its official launch. With its unique network of “contextually aware” tablets, this platform will launch into the growing gig transportation market in Knoxville as the first-of-its-kind. Tablets are mounted to the car headrest, captivating the audience while connecting brands, rideshare drivers, and city governments.

Ride-Vertise works directly with drivers to install proprietary tablets in their own vehicles. This service is a powerful add-on for local companies’ marketing campaigns, as cars are transformed into geo-fenced, mobile advertising units on wheels.

The average driver on Ride-Vertise’s network generates an additional $125 per month in free cash flow, effectively adding 15 percent profit to their bottom line. The company has been quietly and rapidly scaling in beta over the past few months, having logged over 500 hours and successfully executed over 25 advertising campaigns.

Ride-Vertise’s technology platform creates a dynamic geo-fence that shadows Uber and Lyft cars as they move throughout Knoxville. The service will grow throughout 2020, including launches for Charleston, SC, Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, and Denver, CO. With unprecedented geographical focus, this service has the ability to highlight local businesses as it moves with the audience.

"Our ability to reach consumers based on their real-time location –– including distance to a store or proximity to competitors –– to influence purchase decisions or align with desirable consumer mindsets, is unparalleled in the Knoxville market. Drivers have already noted an increase in brand conversations, along with more positive customer interactions and better tips." said Chris Tabb, Chief Technology Officer of Ride-Vertise.

About Ride-Vertise:

Ride-Vertise Ride-Vertise is the ultimate solution for hyper local advertising. It allows brands to run geo-targeted and competitive conquest campaigns in Uber and Lyft vehicles to grow their share of in-market audiences. Contextual messaging is supported, as are sequential ads. For more information, please visit

Knoxville Market Contact:

Ken Wilcox

Knoxville, TN

United States

Ph: 865 705-8933

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