Introducing Facial Detection
  • Ride-Vertise Product Team

Introducing Facial Detection

Updated: Jan 6

Local brands are always looking for way to make their advertisements more engaging. Well, what's more engaging than having the customer play a central role in the advertisement?

Our smart tablets now leverage face-detection technology that can identify a customer's age, gender, and even score the emotional response to what they're looking at. This allows Ride-Vertise screens to deliver ads dynamically, similar to how Google or Facebook use cookie information to advertise on the internet. But way better. :)

Using proximity sensors and facial recognition technology to determine when a rider is sitting in the backseat, the screens shift what advertisements are in view based on what the rider may want to see (ex. wedding dresses for women between the ages of 21-30, for example, or water for someone who looks like they came from a workout).

Ride-Vertise does not store any passenger photos and the resulting data is anonymized, which means we don't track repeat riders or habits by any particular customer.

"Ultimately, the ability to advertise and target services & products in real-time to consumers is the logical next step in modern marketing. Individuals want to be given exactly what they're looking for almost instantaneously, and this new component to our offering is a strong step in that direction," said Chris Tabb, Chief Technology Officer of Ride-Vertise.


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