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Why Advertise in Uber / Lyft Vehicles?

Does My Ad Only Play When Someone Is In The Vehicle?

Yes. Our presence sensor technology detects when a rider is in front of the screen. Once a ride ends the tablet stops playing ads.

How Often Can We Update Our Ad Creative?

We encourage local businesses to regularly update creative. Ads can be updated on a weekly basis by simply submitting the creative through our online form. 

How Many Ad Exposures Can My Business Expect Per Month?

We guarantee 3,000 impressions but often our clients realize more, especially during heavy usage periods of Uber and Lyft. 

What Kind Of Reporting Does My Business Recieve?

Metrics include
daily/monthly plays, daily/monthly play time, daily/monthly plays in target geos, and daily/monthly plays by competitive locations.  

Can My Business Target Competitors?

Yes. We work you to identify competitors. We then load the latitude and longitude of those locations and trigger your ad when a vehicle is nearby.

What Attributes Are Available For Targeting?

Age and gender are the most common attributes but other characteristics are available:


How Does Geographic Targeting Work?

We target 5 geographic locations by drawing a 3-mile radius around the center point. When a vehicle is inside a radius your ad is shown.  

Do You Offer Discounts For Non-Profits Or Military Organizations?

Yes. We are happy to accommodate non-profits and military organizations with discounted rates. Please reach out to discuss specifics.

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